Ewonta.ru is a team of professional developers who have dedicated more than 10 years to one of the most popular CMS. During this time, a huge work has been done: from a complete study of the functionality and documentation to the development of modules sharpened for the world famous European platform PrestaShop.

Tim is a professional programmer who started his career with this particular CMS. On this platform, he developed the first website, and two years later, the first module. Today Tim sells more than 10 of his developments on Addons PrestaShop, which are in demand among the Western European audience. He also provides technical support for business owners and consults colleagues.

Nastasya is an internet marketer and editor-in-chief of the Ewonta.ru website. Has been writing and editing texts for six years. Five years in internet marketing. In her competence: professional SEO-optimization of the site, setting up contextual advertising and a comprehensive audit of the site. Today Nastasya is actively developing in parallel directions – in layout and design. She developed the design of our first online stores, which are currently sold on PrestaShop and our official website.