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Module “Light checkout & Buy now” for PrestaShop

Friends, we have great news for you! We have put on sale new module for online stores on cms PrestaShop, which will allow customers to quickly and easily place an […]

Hosting for an online store on PrestaShop

We are often asked: “What hosting to choose for an online store on CMS PrestaShop?” Today we will answer this question. During our work in the IT industry, and this […]

PWA for PrestaShop

PWA application for an online store on cms PrestaShop

What is a PWA app and why do you need it? PWA or Progressive Web Application is a technology that allows you to transform the mobile version of your site […]

Как добавить товары в админ-панели PrestaShop?

How do I add products to the PrestaShop admin panel?

In order to add a product to your store, you need to go to your own admin panel, go to the “Catalog” tab and select “Products”.

SEO-настройки для PrestaShop: добавление мета-тегов

SEO settings for PrestaShop: adding meta tags

“As you name the ship, so it will float”, and in SEO-optimization, what meta-tags you compose – you will receive such traffic. In this article, we will tell you how […]

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