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Module creation and information output in HOOK on cms PrestaShop

This article will be useful to those who want to learn how to create their first module for cms PrestaShop and understand how to display information in the hooks of […]

Installing cms PrestaShop on a hosting or local server

More about cms PrestaShop Make sure your hosting / server is PrestaShop compatible: Server Requirements: System: Unix, Linux или Windows. Unix highly recommended. Web Server: Web Server Apache 2.2 or later, web server […]

Подтверждение номера телефона по SMS (часть 3)

Phone number confirmation via SMS (part 3)

At the end of the work done, we just need to send an SMS and record the successful verification. First, we check that this is really a phone number, and […]

Подтверждение номера телефона по SMS (часть 2)

Подтверждение номера телефона по SMS ч2

В первой части мы добавляли поля для верификации номера телефона,продолжим с написания JS функции для добавления кнопки для отправки сообщения на номер телефона, для этого в файле скриптов пропишем строчку […]

Подтверждение номера телефона по SMS (часть1)

Confirmation of phone number by SMS (part 1)

Today, verification by phone number is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It is she who can distinguish a real number from a fake one. We decided to prepare […]

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