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Глобальная переменная в smarty для определения телефона

Global variable in smarty to define the phone

In some cases, it is important to know that the person comes from the phone. This will allow the user to download certain content without unnecessary information, which will increase […]

Как сделать цены без точек

How to make prices without a point

Everyone knows that in PrestaShop prices are displayed by default-two decimal places. And what if you want a numeric value without points? This problem can be solved in several ways, […]

Авторизация пользователя с помощью телефона

User authorization via phone

To authorize by phone number you need to add the appropriate field. How this can be done is described in the previous article. By default, Presta Shop users are authorized […]

Добавление телефона для пользователя

Add a phone for the user

In the standard Prestashop build, the user does not have a “Phone” field, which can not be evaluated positively, because in some cases it is simply necessary. In this article […]

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